UAP+ High Security Thumb Turn 1* Kitemarked Cylinder

Features Include:

The 1* Kitemarked thumb turn euro cylinder is the best choice for an inexpensive home security installation and is available in brass, nickel, black, polished chrome and flint finishes.

  • BSi 1* Kitemarked
  • Secured by Design approved
  • Supplied with 3 keys
  • Sacrificial cut, anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-pick
  • Special shaped thumb turn – designed for the elderly, people with arthritis and limited hand movement
Secured by DesignBSI KitemarkDocument Q

Available in:

Black Black
Brass Brass
Nickel Nickel
Chrome Chrome
Flint Flint

Features Include:

BSi 1* Kitemarked - KM561977
Secured by Design approved
1 hour fire rated
Supplied with 3 keys
Special shaped thumb turn - designed for the elderly, people with arthritis and limited hand movement
Has 6 pins
Part of the UAP Cylinder Registration Scheme
Sacrificial cut line on the outside of the cylinder
Patented anti-bump feature
Has anti-pick pins on the outside
 Has anti-drill pins on the outside
Unrestricted keyway makes it easier for customers to get keys cut using the UAP key blank
Restricted section keyways available in a range of sizes
Over 200,000 different key combinations!
Can be keyed alike or mastersuited to Kinetica 3* cylinders and UAP rim cylinders
Tested to EN1303:2015

The UAP+ cylinder is the best choice for inexpensive home security installation. Created in accordance with the British Standards Kitemark, and also awarded the "Secured by Design" approval by the Association of Police Officers, the high quality 6 pin double Kitemarked euro cylinder can be fitted to any external door in order to ward off criminals that attempt to use the most popular break-in methods.

Part of the UAP Cylinder Registration  Scheme

The cylinder comes with a key fob which includes a serial number. Customers can register the cylinder on our website to activate their guarantee. What's more, customers will also have access to 'My Keys.' This allows the customer to keep a record of their key number and an image, so if they ever lost all of their keys, they can log in to the website and simply take the key number and image to a key cutter to get cut. This will save them the expense of having to replace their cylinder!

The cylinders have been tested to EN1303:2015, and are also 1 hour fire resistant! Each cylinder is packed full of security features, and is part of UAP's super smooth cylinders using the Chris Belcher designed anti-bump timing pin system. This very clever system uses nickel plated hardened steel key pins and driver pins, which gives the anti-drill feature we wanted to incorporate. The Patented timing pins are designed to interrupt the timing of the pins when bumped, and it is highly effective.  The timing pins have inbuilt anti-picks, and mushroom driver pins, which makes them highly effective against picking.

The cylinders also have a sacrificial cut line on them. If force is applied to the end of the cylinder in an attempt to break the cylinder to gain access, on standard cylinders, the weakest part of the cylinder is the screw hole which is in the centre of the cylinder (as there is less metal here). When force is applied, the cylinder will break away at this screw hole, making it very easy to manipulate the cylinder into opening. On the UAP Double Kitemarked Euro Cylinder, the cylinder will break away to the sacrificial cut line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact. If the cylinder is broken at this sacrificial cut line, the last 2 pins in the chamber remain in the cylinder, meaning that the cylinder can still be locks and unlocked with the key.



The thumb turn is a special shape. This has been design to make it easier to operate, with better grip and easier turning. This is therefore ideal for people who are elderly, have arthritis or have limited hand movement.

We have in-house locksmiths which offer you the option to have keyed alike cylinders, or create customised and complex mastersuite systems.

Please Note - Cylinders with an external 25mm side (30mm side if you measure X/X) cannot be keyed alike to a bigger size cylinder which does not have an external 25mm side due to the pin spacing. For example, a 25T-10-25 cylinder cannot be keyed alike to a 30T-10-30 cylinder. However a 25T-10-25 cylinder can be keyed alike to a 25-10-65T cylinder.

3 Star Solution

The cylinders are ideal to be combined with 2* Kitemarked high security door handles. Combining 2* security door handle with the UAP 1* cylinders will give you a professionally looking 3* security solution. We have also developed a specially sized 30/35 (65mm) cylinder which is the perfect size cylinder to use on 44mm door blanks with the UAP high security door handles! Alternatively you can combine the UAP+ 1* cylinder with 2* high security escutcheons.

Product Codes:

Thumb turn is on the ‘T’ side of the code

Brass and Nickel:

Overall Size Split (X-10-X) Split (X/X) Brass Code Nickel Code
60mm 25T-10-25 30T/30 ZL25T/25BAS ZL25T/25NAS
65mm 25-10-30T 30/35T ZL25/30TBAS ZL25/30TNAS
70mm 30T-10-30 35T/35 ZL30T/30BAS ZL30T/30NAS
80mm 30-10-40T 35/45T ZL30/40TBAS ZL30/40TNAS
80mm 30T-10-40 35T/45 ZL30T/40BAS ZL30T/40NAS
80mm 35T-10-35  40T/40  ZL35T/35BAS ZL35T/35NAS
85mm 30T-10-45 35T/50 ZL30T/45BAS ZL30T/45NAS
85mm 35T-10-40 40T/45 ZL35T/40BAS ZL35T/40NAS
90mm 30-10-50T 35/55T ZL30/50TBAS ZL30/50TNAS
90mm 30T-10-50 35T/55 ZL30T/50BAS ZL30T/50NAS
90mm 40T-10-40 45T/45 ZL40T/40BAS ZL40T/40NAS
90mm 35-10-45T 40/50T ZL35/45TBAS ZL35/45TNAS
90mm 35T-10-45 40T/50 ZL35T/45BAS ZL35T/45NAS
95mm 35-10-50T 40/55T ZL35/50TBAS ZL35/50TNAS
95mm 35T-10-50 40T/55 ZL35T/50BAS ZL35T/50NAS
95mm 40T-10-45 45T/50 ZL40T/45BAS ZL40T/45NAS
100mm  40T-10-50 45T/55 ZL40T/50BAS ZL40T/50NAS
100mm  40-10-50T 45/55T ZL40/50TBAS ZL40/50TNAS
100mm 45T-10-45 50T/50 ZL45T/45BAS ZL45T/45NAS
100mm 25-10-65T 30/70T ZL25/65TNAS
100mm 25T-10-65 30T/70 ZL25T/65NAS
105mm 45-10-50T 50/55T ZL45/50TBAS ZL45/50TNAS
105mm 45T-10-50 50T/55 ZL45T/50BAS ZL45T/50NAS
110mm 45-10-55T 50/60T ZL45/55TBAS ZL45/55TNAS
110mm 45T-10-55 50T/60 ZL45T/55BAS ZL45T/55NAS

Black, Chrome and Flint:

Overall Size Split (X-10-X) Split (X/X) Black Code Chrome Code Flint Code
60mm 25T-10-25 30T/30 ZL25T/25BLACK
65mm 25-10-30T 30/35T ZL25/30TBLACK ZL25/30TCAS
65mm 25T-10-30 30T/35 ZL25T/30BLACK
70mm 30T-10-30 35T/35 ZL30T/30BLACK ZL30T/30CAS ZL30T/30FAS
80mm 35T-10-35 40T/40 ZL35T/35BLACK ZL35T/35CAS ZL35T/35FAS

Stocked Keyed Alike Cylinders:

We have a range of cylinders that we stock in keyed alike in pairs on the shelf. Each pair are the same size and finish, and have been keyed alike together to work with the same key.

Overall Size Split (X-10-X) Split (X/X) Brass Code Nickel Code
70mm 30T-10-30 35T/35 ZL30T/30BASKAP ZL30T/30NASKAP
80mm 30-10-40T 35/45T ZL30/40TNASKAP
80mm  30T-10-40 35T/45  –  ZL30T/40NASKAP
80mm 35T-10-35 40T/40 ZL35T/35BASKAP ZL35T/35NASKAP
 90mm  35-10-45T 40/50T  –  ZL35/45TNASKAP
90mm 35T-10-45 40T/50 ZL35T/45BASKAP ZL35T/45NASKAP
95mm 40T-10-45 45T/50 ZL40T/45BASKAP ZL40T/45NASKAP
100mm 25-10-65T  30/70T  – ZL25/65TNASKAP
 100mm  40-10-50T 45/55T  ZL40/50TBASKAP ZL40/50TNASKAP
100mm 40T-10-50 45T/55 ZL40T/50BASKAP ZL40T/50NASKAP
100mm 45T-10-45 50T/50 ZL45T/45BASKAP ZL45T/45NASKAP
105mm 45-10-50T 50/55T ZL45/50TBASKAP ZL45/50TNASKAP
105mm 45T-10-50 50T/55 ZL45T/50BASKAP ZL45T/50NASKAP

Restricted Keyway no bgd

 Plug Size Brass Code  Nickel Code

Technical Info:

The cylinder has a sacrificial cut line, so when force is applied to the end,
the cylinder will break away to the sacrificial cut line only, leaving the remaining cylinder operational and the locking mechanism intact.

The cylinder has a unique and patented anti-bump system which does not use trap pins. This system makes the turning of the cylinder key extra smooth.

Anti-drill pins are in each side of the cylinder. 

Anti-pick pins in each side of the cylinder make it extremely difficult for a common burglar to pick the cylinder.

testing icon

At UAP we are constantly striving to improve on the products we already supply as well as develop new, pioneering ranges and practical product solutions.

With an in house testing centre and product developer, each stage of the development process is thorough, from the initial design right down to the final product. In house 3D printing technology allows for further and more precise advancement of our products which are then expertly manufactured and put through stringent testing conditions using in house test equipment – ensuring all products are designed to the highest standards:

Cylinder Cycle Machine

This sophisticated machine tests the rotational operation of cylinder locks, ensuring a lock will continue to function even after being used in thousands of openings. It replicates the action of a key being inserted into the cylinder and it being turned, just as a product would be operated when fitted into a door. The product is tested to 100,000 repetitions to ensure it continues to function even after thousands of turns. 

Cylinder Snapping Test

In accordance with PAS24, the test challenges the security features of a cylinder. An attempt is made to gain access through the cylinder by defeating its protective features, and then applying twisting or bending force to snap the cylinder and access its mechanism. Typically, the handle will first be ripped off, and then mole grips are used to try and make a larger hole around the cylinder. The cylinder is then snapped and attempts are made to turn the cam. A tester has 3 minutes in total to remove all protective hardware and defeat the cylinder, and only certain tools can be used if it cannot be done in this time then the cylinder will pass.

 Salt Spray Test

This machine tests the corrosion resistance of the door locks. The salt spray cabinet produces a corrosive environment, by releasing a dense saline fog into the chamber which the door locks are exposed to. This creates an accelerated corrosion of the door lock and allows us to test how well the lock would stand up in harsher environments.

All Weather Machine

When placed in the all-weather machine, the door locks are subjected to conditions including high UV exposure using a Xenon Arc Lamp which will accelerate UV degradation and measure how well a door lock can last in extreme conditions. Other conditions such as rain and extreme heat can be generated by the machine to expose the door lock to all kinds of environments. This allows us to continually improve the door locks and make them so they last longer in all kinds of different environments.

Brochures and Tech Sheets:

UAP+ Cylinder Tech Sheet

Size: 1 MB | Type: pdf

UAP Cylinder Brochure 2016

Size: 4 MB | Type: pdf

UAP Fire Rated Brochure 2018

Size: 7 MB | Type: pdf
2016 document q brochure front

UAP Document Q Brochure 2016

Size: 9 MB | Type: pdf
Kitemark Licence 2015

BSi Kitemark Licence - KM561977

Size: 104 KB | Type: jpeg

UAP Cylinder Guarantee 2018

Size: 126 KB | Type: pdf

ZL Thumb Turn Tech Sheet

Size: 1 MB | Type: pdf

Cylinder Guarantee:

UAP Ltd distribute a wide range of euro cylinders, rim cylinders and key blanks.
We guarantee the cylinders and finishes against the following:
Surface Coating Failure
Coating Guarantee = the sooner of “the guarantee supplied for the door or window from the manufacturer” or “2 years inland.”
We guarantee that the cylinders will not tarnish on the door for the guarantee period given above subject to;
1. The cylinders are applied to a door or door panel, and no item of door furniture on the door or door panel are sealed or fixed using any form of silicone sealant or the like.
2. The cylinder is fixed correctly and the right way around using the correct fixings, and are not scratched or damaged at any time during the installation process or thereafter.
3. The cylinder is installed inland (defined as 25 miles from the coast or 5 miles from highly populated industrial areas) and are cleaned monthly with a moist cloth. At no point should any form of cleaning agents be used.
4. The internal workings of the cylinder are lightly sprayed with silicone based lubricant (or similar) every 4 weeks.
5. No claim will be accepted for any cylinder that is scratched or mutilated or fitted incorrectly.
6. The guarantee only applies if the cylinder is fixed to the original door for which it was bought and fitted by the installer. The guarantee will cease immediately if the cylinder is removed from the original door or door panel.
Mechanical Failure
Mechanical Guarantee = the sooner of “the guarantee supplied for the door or window from the manufacturer” or “2 years.”
We guarantee that the cylinder will not fail mechanically the door for the guarantee period given above subject to the conditions outlined above.
Claiming Under the Guarantee
Every product must be inspected before they are fitted on to a door, window frame or door panel for any defects. If any defects are found then the product must not be fitted and the fault reported immediately to UAP Limited. Any product fitted is assumed to have been inspected and approved as being fit for purpose.
To make a claim under the guarantee, UAP Limited must receive in writing the product code of the item, the full details of the problem, the date the product was purchased, the date of manufacture of the unit in question and the address of the installation.
We will require all ‘faulty’ items to be sent to ourselves at the address below by first class recorded delivery post. We will then examine the item in question and confirm whether the item is covered by the guarantee. If it is not covered by the guarantee we will advise you, the customer, in writing of the reason for rejecting the claim.
Limitations of the Guarantee
UAP Limited’s guarantee will be limited solely to the replacement of the item purchased from UAP. There is no liability whatsoever for consequential damages or costs, howsoever calculated or incurred. UAP Limited will enforce and rely fully upon their terms and conditions of sale in all aspects other than the limitation set out above. UAP will also pay for the cost of the recorded delivery, if and only if, the product is deemed to be covered by the terms of the guarantee set out above.
Payment of the Guarantee
UAP reserve the right to discharge the guarantee claim in the form of replacement products at the customer’s normal buying price at the time of the complaint being received by UAP Limited.
Time Limit on Guarantee Claims
UAP will only be liable for claims made within a maximum period of 10 years from the date of purchase of the products from UAP Limited.
Correspondence Address for all Guarantee Claims
Any guarantee claim must adhere to the system set out above in all respects and must be made in writing to: UAP Limited, Orbital 60, Dumers Ln, Bury, BL9 9UE.
The terms of this guarantee may be varied by UAP Limited at any time at our own discretion. Please see for up to date product guarantees.

Encountered a problem? No Worries!

We have prepared a comprehensive troubleshooting guide that should help you with the most common problems you might run into.

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