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At UAP we are constantly striving to improve on the products we already supply as well as develop new, pioneering ranges and practical product solutions. And that is why product testing is at the centre of every product we develop.

With an in house testing centre and product developer, each stage of the development process is thorough, from the initial design right down to the final product. In house 3D printing technology allows for further and more precise advancement of our products which are then expertly manufactured and put through stringent testing conditions using in house test equipment – ensuring all products are designed to the highest standards:

Salt Spray Testing Machine

This machine tests the corrosion resistance of products such as letter plates, cylinders, door knockers, door letters/numerals, door viewers, handles and escutcheons. The salt spray cabinet produces a corrosive environment, by releasing a dense saline fog into the chamber to which the products are exposed. This creates accelerated corrosion to the product and allows us to test how well the product would stand up in harsher environments.

Products are tested for differing lengths of time depending on the standard requirements; 480 hours for a 5-year guarantee or in the case of Nanocoast products they are tested to 2000 hours, and we give a LIFETIME coating guarantee:

UV Sunlight Testing Machine

Used to test the colourfast of plastic and anodised products, the UV machine measures the stamina of a products finish, testing how quickly it will fade in sunlight. It does this using UV lights which the products are left under for 2000 hours:

Cylinder Cycle Testing Machine

This sophisticated machine tests the rotational operation of cylinder locks, ensuring a lock will continue to function even after being used in thousands of openings. It replicates the action of a key being inserted into the cylinder and it is turned, just as a product would be operated when fitted into a door. The product is tested to 100,000 repetitions to ensure it continues to function even after thousands of turns. It allows UAP to perform tests in accordance with BS EN 1303:2015 standards:


Letterplate Flap Testing Machine

By replicating the action of opening and closing the letterplate flaps, the machine can determine the durability of the hinge mechanism on the product. The flaps are repeatedly opened and closed to ensure they can withstand thousands of openings without snapping or breaking, promising a product that will last much longer than others in the industry. The process is repeated to 50,000 repetitions, with only 15,000 required by testing standards. Tests are performed in accordance with BS EN 13724:2013:

Tensile Strength Testing Machine

The tensile strength machine tests the resistance of a material to breaking under tension. It is used to see how well our door chains and window restrictors perform when pressure is applied to them. The products are attached to pieces of timber or plastic to see how well the fixings perform with the overall product, which gives a more accurate test on the overall product performance. Products are tested to 100kg and are in accordance with ISO EN16281:2013 and DHF TS 003:2012 standards:

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