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UAP is committed to improving people’s lives and general wellbeing, and believes that it has a responsibility to significantly reduce its impact on the environment. This is why the company works closely with suppliers and customers around the world to implement ethical and environmentally-friendly business solutions.

Plant a Tree

UAP has been officially confirmed as having offset all emissions by the highly-regarded UK-registered charity ‘Plant-a-Tree-Today.org.’

So far, we have funded the planting of over 56,000 trees over the course of a three-year reforestation project. The forest will permit the re-introduction of many endangered and native wildlife, and these animals can thrive and flourish in protected, spacious surroundings, away from the threat of poachers and bulldozers.

Solar Power

As we have extended and renovated our premises in Whitefield, we have taken the opportunity to add low energy features to all UAP buildings, including solar panels. This energy efficient solution enables us to generate solar power, with capacity of 84kW.

Once we can harness and retain the solar power that we generate during non-work periods, such as weekends, using battery storage, then we believe we will be virtually grid neutral.

Green Vehicles

As employees, we are also 100% committed to helping the environment whenever possible, and the majority of our company cars are eco-friendly hybrids. We have installed EV charging units for our vehicles, plus one for customer use. Generally, these are powered by our solar panels.

Recycle & Reuse

When we first started UAP, like all start-ups there was no spare cash, and so we recycled everything we could for packaging rather than buying new. This became a way of life, and even today, we have cardboard shredders to shred all old cartons and packaging to re-use as infill packing material.

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