Locksmith Finder

Locksmith Finder

Having a problem?

What should you do if you are having difficulties operating your Lock?
Please follow the link below to help diagnose any potential issues you may be having and how to resolve them.
This link will take you to our troubleshooting page.

What should you do if you cannot resolve through the Trouble Shooting process?
Should you still be experiencing issues please contact your nearest TradeLock registered Locksmith who you can locate through the Find A Locksmith Website. The Locksmith will advise you of any call out charge and any potential works to be carried out for which you will have to pay them directly.

Look for this logo when finding the locksmith:


What should you do if you feel there is a claim for faulty goods?
Please forward details of The Locksmiths report and any associated payments made. In addition we will need details of when the hardware was fitted and original registration details. We will review these details and reply directly to you with 7 working days.

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