UAP Framemaster 12 Inch Fire Resistant Letterplate

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Features Include:

60 minutes fire rated
Lined with special intumescent material which expands to 50 times its size
Uses special heat absorbers to stop hot screws melting the plastic
Intumescent activated at 5 degrees lower than most in the market
Designed for 40-80mm thick composite and wooden doors
Outward facing brushes create the Anti-Vandal feature as it prevents vandals from placing unwanted items into the cavity
Outwards facing brushes also means better draught proofing and makes it easier to post letters through
180 degree opening flap means the flap will not snap off when opened too far
Matt finished plastic frame conceals any scratches that may be caused by screwdrivers during installation
Blind bolts to the exterior of the letterplate prevents the outer frame being unscrewed from the door externally
An internal water seal prevents water getting into the door or panel, and stops letters getting wet
Ultra-flexible springs can withstand the letterbox flap opening thousands of times without breaking
Revolutionary Patent pending self-aligning screw boss makes screwing the inner and outer frames together easy
Designed for 40-80mm for wooden and composite doors
Conforms to many standards and testing requirements including BS EN 1303:2005


Fire Testing Standards:

Protection Time Door Material Certifire Specification
FD60 – 60 Minutes Timber No
FD30 – 30 Minutes Nan Ya Composite No


The UAP Fire Resistant Anti Vandal 300mm Framemaster 12 inch letterplate comes with both an external and internal flap to protect your customer’s homes, and is available in 40-80mm depths for composite and wooden doors. It has been tested for up to 60 minutes on wooden and timber doors!

fire resistant washers

The Framemaster letterplate is lined with special intumescent material which expands to 50 times its size, blocking the hole in the cavity and preventing smoke coming through the cavity. The intumescent is activated at 5 degrees lower than most other intumescent material in the market, meaning that the cavity will be blocked quicker. The letterplate also uses special heat absorbers which stops the screws, once they are red hot, melting the plastic around then and causing the letterbox to fall off.

The Framemaster letterplate is compliant to BS EN1634-3:2004 smoke leakage regulations.

On the UAP Framemaster 12 inch letterplate there are many features that are not found on standard letterboxes. This includes the trademarked Anti-Vandal facility. Each year house fires are started by vandals putting fireworks through letterboxes. Each UAP Anti-Vandal letterplate has the brushes outward facing (a feature no other letterplate in the industry has). This gives 3 great benefits:

1 – Having brushes on the front of the door acts as a visual deterrent to vandals. As the internal cavity is not easily accessible, it makes it a lot harder to put lit fireworks etc. into the cavity.

2 – It is easier for postmen to navigate letters through the brushes, so you won’t end up receiving crinkled letters anymore.

3 – The brushes stop draughts at the point of entry, making the letterplate draught-proof.

Another great feature of all UAP letterplates is that each letterplate flap can open to 180 degrees, meaning that it should not snap, and making letterplate flaps snapping off a thing of the past. Many letterplates in the industry only open to 90 degrees, so when too much force is applied when lifting the flap up, it causes them to snap off. The ultra-flexible springs means that they can withstand thousands of openings without breaking, making them last even longer. Also, an internal water seal also prevents water getting into the door or panel, which stops letters getting wet as they are posted through, and also helps to prevent the flaps from pitting or rusting.


PVD gold, mirror polished and satin stainless finishes are part of the Nanocoast range. These products are made from 316 grade stainless steel, and are specifically designed for areas which are within a 25 mile radius of the coast, or within 5 miles of highly populated industrial areas. Unlike brass and zinc based products, the Nanocoast products will not pit, rust or corrode no matter what environments you put them in. This means that the products will last longer, and keep your customers happy. What’s more, every Nanocoast product comes with a lifetime coating guarantee!