12mm uPVC Door Viewers (20-35mm)

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Features Include:

Made with a solid brass body
Comprises of 3 plastic lenses
Ensured to give crystal clear performance for years of safe, secure use
Comes in a range of colours to suite door furniture
Additional extensions available if you need to make your viewer even longer
Up to a 5 year inland coating guarantee on standard finishes

Featuring a number of impressive designs and numerous finishes the uPVC door viewers range at UAP Ltd will look fantastic on any uPVC door!

Door viewers  (sypholes) are a great security accessory for your customers, as no door should be opened without first checking who is on the other side. Door security is essential to ensuring a home is safe and once quality locks have been fitted it’s key to have a door viewer. Many homeowners overlook the importance of really seeing who is on the other side of the door and essentially this can actually be the best way to prevent unwanted guests, break-ins, and scams. Providing your customers with this important information will help them learn to better protect their homes and keep intruders out.

Each syphole has gone through rigerous testing, and have each been tested to DHF TS002:2009 which covers Corrosion Resistance, Security (Angle of Vision), Visual Clarity, Resistance to Misting Up, Ability to Clear After Misting, Length Adjustment Range and Marking.

With a variety of door viewers homeowners will be able to select the viewer most suitable for their needs and overall home interior and exterior. Whatever their overall door hardware finish is there is a spyhole suitable to match it. In addition in our Door Viewers range we also offer several fantastic door knockers which have a hole specifically designed to fit uPVC door viewers. Be sure to also check out our door knockers range for more fantastic options which can also have a door viewer fitted.

Made with a solid brass body, and comprising of 3 plastic lenses, each syphole ensures to give crystal clear performance for years of safe, secure use. As standard, all uPVC door viewers are salt spray tested for a minimum of 480 hours, and comes with a 5 year inland coating guarantee. Polished brass and polished chrome door viewers come with a PVD head, which helps prevent rust developing in coastal areas. Polished brass, polished chrome, white and black uPVC door viewers also come with a FREE privacy cover!