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UAP’s Workforce Diversity

Published on 12 October, 2020

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Following our work on sustainability as a company, we have compiled data into an infographic on the diversity breakdown of UAP. We pride ourselves on having a diverse workforce that gives equal opportunities to everyone who can do the job, which can bee seen in our employee data.

In regards to our statistics on sex, we have an almost equal breakdown of men and women in various positions in UAP. Overall, our employees are made up of 34.29% women and 65.71% men. There is a wide range of sex differences by department, with some departments being made up predominantly of women and some of men – our Marketing department is 100% female, while Research & Development is 100% male!

In middle management, demographics are even more equalised – 45.5% of managers are female, while 54.5% are male. This puts us at 10% above average, with the mean number of women in middle management usually being around 35%.

Following on from this, three of our company directors are female, while the other four are male – another almost 50 – 50 split. The average number of female directors in other companies is 1.13, which we exceed by far.

Our workforce is also very varied in age – the largest age range for employees is 30 – 45 at 38.9%, followed by 46 – 59 at 33.3%. 16.7% of employees are aged between 20 and 29, and 11.1% are between 60 and 70.

Almost 20% of UAP is made up of ethnicities other than White British, which includes White (other) (Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and other European countries), Asian, Black and other.


We’re very proud of our diverse workforce and the work we put into being a fair business, including our work on sustainability and other initiatives such as our partnership with the Good Business Charter.

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