Latest News The Secret is Out: Introducing The Armasmart® Range by UAP Ltd

The Secret is Out: Introducing The Armasmart® Range by UAP Ltd

Published on 27 June, 2024

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The secret is finally out! We are excited to introduce our latest product, Line Armasmart. This unmissable launch is driven by the need to combat harmful viruses, bacteria, and microbes with a patented coating and a stylish copper finish. The Armasmart® range combines durability with safety and style, keeping you and your loved ones protected. We are expanding our range to cater to homeowners, workplaces, hospitals, and any establishment that prioritizes safety.

Why Armasmart® is a Game Changer

Stainless steel is widely used in health and social care settings due to its durability and ease of cleaning. However, it has significant drawbacks, such as harboring bacteria for up to 72 hours and being prone to tarnish and corrosion, especially in moist conditions or when exposed to chemicals. Recognising these issues, Armasmart® offers an innovative solution with a patented coating that not only resists tarnishing and corrosion but also effectively combats viruses, bacteria, and microbes.

A Safer, Cleaner Environment

Armasmart® technology ensures a safer, cleaner environment with less reliance on harsh cleaning chemicals. This advanced hardware solution reduces the risk of germ transmission, providing a significant advantage in maintaining hygiene standards. Armasmart’s innovative self-sanitizing technology is perfect for high-touch areas such as entrances, hospital wards, school doors, and even your front door at home.

Environmental Commitment

We are not only focused on protecting you and those around you but also committed to actively helping the environment. Armasmart’s coatings are non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, reducing the need for frequent cleaning with harsh chemicals. This saves time and energy while minimizing the release of unwanted toxins into your surroundings.

Explore the Full Armasmart® Range

The Armasmart® range includes:

Fire door signage
Door closers
Push plates
Kick plates
Bathroom turns
Pull handles
Lever handles
Each product is designed to provide optimal performance and durability while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. View the full range here.

Unlock a New Standard in Door Hardware

Armasmart® redefines what door hardware can do by combining superior durability with advanced anti-microbial properties. This innovative solution not only ensures the longevity of your hardware but also promotes a healthier environment by significantly reducing the presence of harmful germs.

While we cannot control the illnesses that come our way, we can control the quality and sustainability of the door hardware we supply and manufacture. We prioritize quality and sustainability for our customers.

Discover the new standard in door hardware excellence with Armasmart®. For more information and to explore the full range, visit our Armasmart® page. Join us in revolutionising door hardware and making spaces safer, cleaner, and more efficient.

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