Latest News UAP Limited is delighted to announce it’s new home!

UAP Limited is delighted to announce it’s new home!

Published on 13 July, 2023

Latest News

Over the last twelve months our team have been sourcing, negotiating, designing and planning a new site to house all of the UAP brands and we believe we’ve found it… Orbital 60, Dumers Lane, Bury BL9 9QL.

The Site

This new site will allow the business to move from a labour-intensive warehouse system to a more streamlined, Lean approach. Dumers Lane has been designed with modernisation in mind, future automation and the reduction of waste over time.
Over 64,000 square feet, Dumers Lane will allow UAP to bring together all it’s vital processes: picking, packing, production, testing, development, training and administration, all under one roof for the first time.

The Process

In order to extract the maximum benefit from such a site, UAP embarked on a tendering process, consulting with some of the biggest names in warehousing. Eventually finding our preferred concept and vendor in BITO Storage Systems and committing to an 8-week build programme which is due to start in the summer. Our internal Operations team conducted heat-mapping and Time & Motion studies to understand our current processes and target potential improvements.

We needed to understand how we operate to ensure we take the very best version of UAP into Dumers Lane for the future.

The final storage system is comprised of standard pallet racking, specialised racking for our Fullex crates, dynamic picking through Carton-Live storage and adaptable picking via Multi-Tier shelving. We have more than doubled our storage capacity and secured growth capacity in line with our future plans.

Using Lean principles we are confident in our ability to reduce motion, duplication and errors. The business has evolved over years and the ability to review and start again is a luxury which we need to exploit. This can be achieved through updated KPIs and WMS systems using our Orderwise ERP.
Every employee has been consulted and given the opportunity to help shape the site, it is their work-place after all and we cannot achieve our goals without the amazing efforts of our people.

What does it mean for our customers?

UAP currently operate out of two major sites; Radcliffe where we house our major bulk pallets and Whitefield, where we do our picking. We plan to start moving inventory out of Radcliffe in mid-June of 2023. All being well, the Dumers site will be operational from late-August. This does not represent a significant change to our operation and so we hope to keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

Once we have been able to relocate our Whitefield inventory and team, the full warehouse operation will be within Dumers Lane and the future begins!
Regardless of planning, issues will occur and in order to mitigate this, we ask that you please place important orders with us for summer delivery as soon as possible. We have no plans to shut operations but a reduction in efficiency is likely during such an ambitious process.

*Security Hardware and Locking Systems remain within the same locations.

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