Latest News UAP Limited: Protect your Home from Burglaries!

UAP Limited: Protect your Home from Burglaries!

Published on 5 September, 2023

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UAP burglary protection

Burglaries continue to be a significant concern in many communities, posing societal threats. This concern has been shown recently with a news report on the 28th of June of a Southampton gang who have been jailed for 26 burglaries across Hampshire, with the value of the stolen goods equating to £418,000. UAP Limited burglary protection products can help with this.

Here at UAP, we acknowledge the importance of protecting your home and your loved ones from burglaries, and we aim to ensure that you all feel safe and secure in your home. In the battle of burglary, we are committed to providing practical solutions to enhance security measures to combat this issue and provide our customers peace of mind. In the UK, there is an average of 526 burglaries a day, equivalent to one home being burgled every 164 seconds.

As a trusted hardware company, UAP offers a broad range of elaborate security products, as your safety is our priority—these range from anti-burglar letter plates to highly protective euro cylinders. Evidence has shown that 67% of burglars break into homes through a door, and we are confident that our high-durability door locks and exceedingly secure door handles will effectively prevent such occurrences. Our expertise and a massive variety of reliable products foster a safer environment for all, creating a sense of confidence for our customers.

As Winter is approaching, this is a prime time for burglaries with the change of darkness, and with it rapidly coming, we pride ourselves on offering a range of security products to safeguard your belongings and alleviate the anxiety and fear of burglary. Together, we can fortify your home and protect what matters the most to you. Invest in our products today and embrace a safer and more secure future.

For more information on UAP Limited Burglary protection products, visit the UAP Website.

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