The Soterian TS008 Letterplate Passes 1 Hour Fire Test!

Published on 3 January, 2018 | Blog

In recent months, we introduced our revolutionary TS008:2015 accredited letterplate – The Soterian. In addition to passing the enhanced security requirements, including resisting an attack by physical force, ‘fishing’ and lock manipulation, we’re pleased to announce that the Soterian has passed another stringent test and is  now recognised as an approved fire safety product.

The Soterian has been awarded the 60 minute fire-resistant Certifire certificate for 54mm timber doors and tested to Certifire standards for up to 30 minutes on a 44mm timber door profile. Receiving Certifire certification means that after stringent testing The Soterian has proven to withstand the effects of a fire and remain intact on the door for at least 30 minutes.

As with our range of aluminium and stainless steel letterplates, our TS008 letterplate is developed using pioneering materials which slow down the speed at which a fire can spread through a door.

Intumescent lining

The fire-rated TS008 letterplate range features an intumescent lining which has the ability to expand when exposed to heat which has radiated directly from a fire. This innovative material expands to 50 times its volume in order to seal any gaps in the door hardware. This in turn reduces the amount of smoke that is able to seep through the aperture; and completely prevents the spread of flame.

It is also activated at 5 degrees lower than any other intumescents available, meaning that the gaps are sealed faster and less smoke is able to get through the door.

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Why Invest in Certifire approved UAP products?  

Certifire is an independent third-party certification scheme for fire protection products.

The company is operated by Exova Warrington Fire Certification Limited (WCL) and is internationally recognised for fire safety and the high standard of products it accredits.

The stringent fire test conditions are performed in a lab which is EN45001 accredited under controlled conditions. Here, the door and door hardware is subjected to fire and temperatures approaching 1000 degrees.

By investing in products certified by the third-party certification scheme – Certifire – our products are constantly audited and monitored to ensure they are compliant with the rigorous tests and ‘fit for purpose’.

At UAP, we are committed to not only provide the securest door hardware solutions, but also develop products with homeowner safety in mind. And with our fire-rated TS008 letter plate range, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re providing your customers with the very best in product innovation.

TS008 Features 

TS008 sets the enhanced security and general requirements for letterplates.

The updated door standard PAS24:2016 now requires that an external door fitted with a letterplate has to meet the new standard.

As well as testing against ‘key fishing’, a TS008 letterplate must prevent access tot he cylinder by means of an intruder reaching through the letterplate to unlock the door, whilst also allowing postal items to pass freely through it.

With over 120 process in each letterplate, The Soterian has been developed using many revolutionary features to ensure a highly secure yet modern looking letterplate.

For full details on The Soterian and it’s revolutionary features head here.

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