Stylish, Sleek and Secure – Introducing the Soterian TS008 Letterplate!

Published on 10 August, 2017 | Blog


Need PAS24:2016? Then look no further than The Soterian – TS008 Letterplate range from UAP.

Contemporary in style, compact in appearance and secure in its design – The Soterian is the ultimate TS008 accredited letter plate made to protect and perfect the door.

“There is no point in us developing a letter plate that is so bulky, ugly, expensive or difficult to fit that no one is going to buy it – or if they do buy it, that the consumer will then try and replace at the first chance they have”

Those were the first words uttered by David Jennings, the MD of UAP, during the first development meeting for the TS008 letter plate range.  And it is those simple words that formed the whole basis of our development.

Named after the Goddess of Safety, The Soterian is highly engineered with over 120 processes in each letter plate, setting it apart from anything else on the market! And today we are proud to announce the launch of The Soterian Letter plate range from UAP.


TS008 Explained

Ts008 sets the new security standard for letter plate assemblies installed to any external door. The updated PAS24:2016 standard requires that letter plates meet TS008 requirements, meaning they provide resistance against ‘key fishing’ and lock manipulation, whilst also allowing postal items to pass freely through it.

The Soterian

What makes this product so special is it’s revolutionary streamlined design. The Soterian letter plate range consists of a minimal internal flap projection of only 35mm from the door frame, giving a less intrusive feel to the door.

It’s compact appearance allows an unrestricted door opening, meaning the door can open fully without the risk of the letter plate smashing against the house wall and causing damage to the interior wall. Also the rounded flap design set against a shallower frame has been cleverly developed to avoid any material poking out that could be a hazard for small children to bump into.


The innovative pivoting stay mechanism reduces the opening to 37° when open for protection against ‘fishing’ – a technique thieves use to ‘fish’ for keys, purses and more via the letter box, as well preventing intruders being able to manipulate the cylinder and unlock the door through the letterplate.


Designed for 44 mm composite and timbre doors, The Soterian letter plate cleverly combines security with contemporary charm.

Available in 5 finishes, including Gold and Silver Anodised, Black, White and Mirror Polished, with a further four Stainless Steel SS316 Nanocoast colours coming shortly; The Soterian letter plate range will create a stylish feel on any door.

Plus, with our revolutionary mix and match solution, you and your customers have the freedom to choose the finish for both the internal and external frame. Whether it is a black inner frame with a white outer frame, or a traditional gold inner flap and gold outer flap – the choice is yours!

If you want to discuss The Soterian with a member of our sales team, contact us today on:

0161 796 7268


For more information on The Soterian, click the video below!