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Published on 2 February, 2018 | Blog

Our lockable window restrictors are now tested to EN 13126-5:2001+A1:2014!  

The Lockable Window Restrictor from UAP is designed with safety in mind! The latest figures from RoSPA show around 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall from windows every year in the UK; but a small yet very effective solution is our lockable window restrictor.

Once installed, the window opening is restricted to less than 100mm. Not only is the gap too small for anyone to fall out of the window, but it is also too small for anyone to get in through the window – improving the overall security of a building.

To comply with the EN 13126-5:2011 + A1:2014 test standard, the restrictor(s) must be fitted so that the total opening of the whole length of the window opening is less than 89mm when using as a child safety product, and 100mm for other requirements. The window may need to have multiple restrictors fitted to achieve this requirement.

As it is lockable, the window can still be fully opened when required such as in the event of a fire. This means they can be installed to any door or window without comprising the safety of those inside – ideal for buildings such as homes, schools, nurseries and more.

The cable itself is made from hardened steel, making it extremely difficult to cut.

Whatsmore, as if the UAP window restrictor wasn’t safe enough – it is also Biomaster protected.

The Biomaster Antibacterial Technology is an integral part of the product, providing effective antibacterial protection and reducing the threat of cross-contamination from harmful bacteria.

With the lockable window restrictor, homeowners can have more peace of mind when it comes to how secure their windows are.

Available in 6 finishes!

The Window Restrictor is designed to colour match with a variety of window hardware, adding a touch of style to any property.

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