UAP Lockable Window Restrictor

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Features Include:

 Can be used on all types of windows and doors including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles
20cm long restrictor restricts window opening to under 100mm
Can withstand forces over 1000N (1KN) although we always aim for 2500N (255kg) and above – industry standard is 50oN
The unit is lockable so the window can be fully opened if necessary
Comes with 1 universal key – additional keys are available
Can be used on fire escape windows, as long as the key is kept within easy reach
Supplied with 4 self drilling screws
Locking system and key resistant to oxidation and corrosion
Biomaster protected – helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and reduces the threat of cross-contamination from harmful bacteria – such as MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter and Listeria
 Tested to EN 13126-5:2011 + A1:2014


The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents provides research that states that in the UK over 4,000 children under the age of 15 are injured yearly from unsecured windows which they fall out of, with 2,000 of these accidents involving children under 5 years old. A small yet very effective and extremely affordable solution is the UAP window restrictor. The window restrictor has a 20cm long cable, which when installed correctly will limit the opening of the window to under 100mm. Not only will this prevent children from being able to fit through the gap, but it also allows enough air to circulate around a room.

To comply with the EN 13126-5:2011 + A1:2014 test standard, the restrictor(s) must be fitted so that the total opening of the whole length of the window opening is less than 89mm when using as a child safety product, and 100mm for other requirements.

The window restrictor is designed to take a minimum of a 35kg load when it is pushed open. The window may need to have multiple restrictors fitted to achieve this requirement. There is no minimum or maximum dimension for which window can be used as long as the window opening is restricted to 89mm or 100mm. Fitting instructions can be found here.

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The window restrictor is lockable, and can be unlocked using a key if necessary, and the window will then be able to be opened fully. Due to this reason, it is possible to fit the UAP lockable window restrictor on fire escape windows, provided that the user keeps the key within easy reach.

One of the important features on the UAP window restrictor is the strength of the cable once locked into the locking system. Some window restrictors claim that the strength of the cable exceeds 500kg. However, even though this may be true, it does not mean anything as it is the strength of the cable once locked into the locking system that actually matters. The UAP window restrictor, once the cable in locked into the locking system, can withstand forces over 100kg, which is more than enough to take the weight of any child. This is twice the industry standard which is 50kg!

The cable itself is made from hardened steel, which makes it extremely difficult to cut. It makes the window restrictor ideal for customers who are based on ground floors, and want to leave their windows open but are afraid that they may be broken in to!biomaster-protected_2

What makes the window restrictor even more unique is that The UAP Window Restrictor is Biomaster Protected – Protection against the dangers you can’t see. Biomaster ensures effective antibacterial protection for the effective lifetime of the product, helping to keep surfaces clean and hygienic, and reduces the threat of cross-contamination from harmful bacteria – such as MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter and Listeria and even viruses like the common cold and influenza. Window restrictors, especially those found in commercial properties such as schools, hospitals and hotels, are often handled by many adults and children and can therefore facilitate the spread of harmful infections.

The window restrictor is available in 6 finishes. We have recently introduced polished gold and polished chrome window restrictors into the range, to colour match to window handles and other window hardware. Other finishes include brown, black, and our most popular finish – white. Help prevent child injury and help protect your client’s windows with the UAP lockable window restrictor!