UAP 3D Adjustable Composite Door Hinge

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Features Include:

Suitable for  composite and uPVC doors
Dimensions 100mm x 65mm
Can fit on either the left or right side of a door
Made from Aluminium
5 year guarantee


The UAP 3D Adjustable Composite Door Hinges are butt type hinges with full adjustment for a perfect door fit. The hinge is quick and simple to fit and designed for both composite and uPVC doors. With 4 inches in height, the UAP composite door hinges are versatile as they can fit either on the left or on the right side of a door.

Though many consider the hinges to be simply what holds the doors in place they actually play a major role in door security. This special door hardware goes far beyond the obvious and its durability and overall strength is essential to ensuring that intruders stay out.

These 3D Adjustable Composite Door  Hinges are suitable for composite doors as well as uPVC doors, making them very universal especially with the most common door types.

The White Powder Coated door hinge is made of Aluminium and comes with a 5 year coating guarantee.