UAP 2 Inch Screw Fix Front Door Numbers and Letters

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Features Include:

2 inches in height
Comes with 2 colour matching screws per door number
Very easy to install
Brass based door numbers and letters come with a 5 year inland coating guarantee


Front door numbers and letters are becoming more and more common on doors, and are essential to make properties stand out so they can be found easier. There is currently a big push by the emergency services for consumers to install a front door number on their homes, so they  can find a house quickly in an emergency. The UAP screw fix front door numbers and letters are 2 inches in height and are extremely easy to fit. Each front door number and letter comes complete with colour matched screws for perfect co-ordination on the door.

There are 5 finishes in total, each in complete set of door numbers 0 – 9 and letters A-C. Polished brass, polished chrome and black door numbers and letters are made from brass, and come with a 5 year inland guarantee.