Fullex Crimebeater Midlock Multi Point Lock

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For use on Composite and Timber Doors

Features Include:

Secured by Design approved
PAS24 tested
Designed for use on composite and timber doors
Comes with three deadbolts and latch
20,000 differ hardened steel midlock
Available in dual spindle for long backplate handles
Easily reversible latch as standard
Latch hold back snib on lock faceplate
Various adjustable keep sets available
Cycle tested to 100,000 operations
Resistant to corrosion – BSEN1670 Grade 5 (480 hours)
Conforms to BS10621 and NHBC 2010 guidelines for enhanced security

The Fullex Crimebeater Midlock was designed to defeat the dual threats of lock bumping and cylinder snapping.  The addition of a Patented 20,000 differ 5 lever mid-lock (Patent number GB2449467) defeats both forms of attack, by locking the lock, in addition to the cylinder function, which locks the door. So even if the door has a standard cylinder and a burglar is able to remove it, the door won’t open as the midlock system will lock the lock itself.

For use on composite and timber doors, it comes in dual spindle and is available with 3 different backset sizes (35mm, 45mm and 55mm) for long backplate handles, meaning it will fit on a wider range of doors.

Each Crimebeater Midlock has three deadbolts and latch. Designed for composite and timber doors, it has been awarded the ‘Secured by Design’ approval and meets PAS24 requirements, meaning that you will be able to offer your customers a high quality and high security solution for their doors:

The faceplate on the Crimebeater Midlock is either 1720mm by 20mm in silver passivated or 2100mm by 40mm in white aluminium, giving peace of mind to hard pressed fabricators and consumers.