12mm Door Viewer Extensions

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Features Include:

Made from solid brass
Designed for 12mm thick door viewer barrels
Come in 10mm, 20mm and 55mm extensions
Fit on to the viewer in seconds
Up to a 5 year inland coating guarantee

Depending upon your door, frame or wall thickness you may need a door viewer extension!

Door viewers  (spyholes) are a great security accessory for your customers, as no door should be opened without first checking who is on the other side. Door security is essential to ensuring a home is safe and once quality locks have been fitted it’s key to have a door viewer. Many homeowners overlook the importance of really seeing who is on the other side of the door and essentially this can actually be the best way to prevent unwanted guests, break-ins, and scams. Providing your customers with this important information will help them learn to better protect their homes and keep intruders out.

Offering your customers a variety means not only presenting them with great door security hardware but the necessary accessories to make them fit perfectly. The great Door Viewer Extension is suitable for 12 mm Barrel Door Viewers and provides up to 55 mm added length to fit thicker doors. By increasing the overall length of the door viewer you can easily fit it onto a variety of different thickness doors.

In order to determine what size door viewer extensions will be necessary measure the thickness of the door, frame, or wall where the door viewer will be fitted!