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Get Document Q Compliant with UAP Door Hardware Solutions

Published on 1 March, 2016


This month, we are helping builders, installers and specifiers alike make the right door hardware choices in order to comply with Document Q guidelines.

Document Q is the Approved Document published by the Secretary of State; setting out guidelines on how to meet the requirements of the Building Regulations 2010 for England. It covers the requirements in respect to security of ‘easily accessibledoors and windows.

The Document came into action on the 1st of October of last year and states anything considered an ‘easily accessible door or window’ must prove to be able to ‘resist physical attack by a casual or opportunist burglar.’ The Secretary of state says specified doors and windows must prove to be both ‘sufficiently robust’ and ‘fitted with the appropriate door hardware’ to do this.

In regards to door hardware the document says:

If a door includes a letter plate it must have a maximum opening of 260mm X 40mm and must be both designed and located in such a way that impedes anyone inserting their hand or any device to hook or remove keys – for example by incorporating a flap or another access restricting feature.

Door viewers are now considered essential hardware. They should be used when the main door for entering a dwelling does not have any other means of seeing a caller; so if there is no glass on or beside the door. These doors must now also have a door chain or limiter, when it is appropriate.

A door must prove to be a ‘secure doorset‘ and if it has been tested and proved to meet security standards of British Standards publication PAS24:2012 – this is considered compliance to the document. So similar measures to meet PAS24 should be taken.

UAP Document Q Compliant products

Still a bit baffled by the Approved Document? Here is a list of UAP Document Q compliant products to make things easy:


Zero Lift+ 1* Cylinders 

– Kinetica 3* Cylinder

– 2* Cylinder Guard (Version A & B)

– 2* High Security Door Handle Short Back plate & Long Back Plate

– All UAP Door Viewers

– SBD Letter Plates

– Door Restrictors 

Sliding & Narrow Door Chains

To find out more about Document Q click here! And to find out more about our products click here!

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