UAP Door Restrictors (Door Guards)

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Features Include:

1 Hour Fire Rated
Made from zinc
Designed for people with limited hand movement and arthritis
Easy alternative to a door chain
Secure a door without the need for chains – just a solid locking bar
Available in 2 different finishes


Fire Testing Standards:

Protection Time Door Material Certifire Specification
FD60 – 60 Minutes Timber No
FD30 – 30 Minutes Nan Ya Composite No


FR60 small

Safely restrict the opening of your customer’s doors with the extra strong UAP door restrictors to identify and communicate with unknown visitors and deter forced entry.

Made from zinc, the UAP door restrictors give the highest possible security against forcible door entry and is the ideal choice for anyone with limited hand movement or arthritis as there is no chain to deal with, just a solid locking bar.

The door restrictors consist of two parts; the moving arm and the receiving plate, and comes with fixing screws. The door restrictors are very easy to fit and use, and will fit onto any door.

hollow wall fixing

To complement the door guards, we have also developed hollow wall anchors. Hollow wall anchors are used to fix the screws into the plastic door frame to get a good, solid fix. The reason these are needed is because a door frame maybe 2mm thick, so there is not enough material for the screws to grip. These are especially needed when fixing many products such as door chains etc. into thick skins of uPVC panels or composite door skins.

Unlike other wall fixings, we adjusted the grip spike to get a good fix, but not making it too big so that it can shatter or crack plastic. We then specified counter sunk bolts in either brass or chrome, so they suit most colour by volume, and fits into our counter sunk furniture. Each pack comes with 6 fixings and plated bolts.