Benlowe Group Upgrade to UAP 3* Kinetica Cylinders
Customer News Benlowe Group Upgrade to Kinetica Cylinders

Benlowe Group Upgrade to Kinetica Cylinders

Published on 19 May, 2017

Customer News


Benlowe Group Ltd are a premier manufacturer of high quality timber doors, timber windows and timber stairs. In their mission to help improve security, we are pleased to announce that Benlowe Group have decided to upgrade their cylinders to the UAP 3* Kinetica cylinder:


The need for 3 star cylinders has increased over the past few months, with manufacturers and installers opting to install a 3 star cylinder on PAS24 doors instead of other combinations i.e. a 1 star cylinder with either a 2* handle, 2* cylinder guard, or a 2* escutcheon.

The Kinetica cylinder is 3 star Kitemarked, Secured by Design and more recently it has been awarded Sold Secure Diamond Standard. It is packed full of security features including:


The cylinder has a anti snap cut, so when force is applied to the end, the cylinder will break away to the anti snap line only, leaving the remaining cylinder operational and the locking mechanism intact.


The cylinder has a unique and patented anti-bump system which does not use trap pins. This system makes the turning of the cylinder key extra smooth.


4 x hardened steel anti-drill pins are in each side of the cylinder. Plus all moving pins are nickel plated hardened steel 50 HRC minimum.


Minimum of 3 anti-pick pins in each side of the cylinder makes it extremely difficult for a common burglar to pick the cylinder.


In normal anti snap cylinders once a cylinder is snapped at the outside end, the inner section is heavier and will tilt allowing the burglar a small gap to gain access to the bolt. But the Fullex anti tilt ring stops this happening.

The Kinetica can be re-pinned as a keyed alike or even master suite range. And uniquely the Kinetica cylinder can even be keyed to the UAP+ 1* cylinder range. If you want for example a 3* communal entry door cylinder, and then a whole series of 1* cylinders on the house doors, we can do it. Likewise if you want a 3* cylinder keyed to a UAP rim cylinder, again we can do it – the options are virtually limitless!

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To find out more about the Kinetica cylinder, please visit or call our sales team today on 0161 796 7268.

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