Secure homes further with our £5000 Anti-Burglar Guarantee.

Published on 21 June, 2017 | Blog


Anti snapping, anti pick, anti drill and now anti-burglar guarantee – UAP cylinders are offering even more protection!

With one of our cylinders installed, you can not only guarantee your customers high security but also secure them an anti-burglar guarantee.

What is the Guarantee?

We are so confident about the quality and durability of our cylinders that if your customer’s home is broken into via the UAP cylinder – and their insurance company refuses to pay out – we’ve got them covered.

In the event that a burglar gains entry, we’ll cover the costs of any stolen goods of up to £5000.

How can you secure cover?

All that’s needed is to make sure that the UAP hardware installed on the door adds up to 3* security – it’s that simple!

For 3 star security in just one product, look no further than our Kinetica.

By utilising the UAP patented timing pin and the Fullex anti-snap solution, the 3* Kitemarked Kinetica Cylinder proves to be a highly secure and innovative product. It is Secured by Design Approved, comprising the anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and snap resistant security features.



Achieving 3 star rating on your doors is easily achievable by using one of the following combinations:

  • UAP+ 1 Star Kitemarked cylinder installed with a UAP 2* Kitemarked door handle


  • 1* UAP+ 1 Star Kitemarked cylinder installed with a UAP 2* Kitemarked escutcheon


If your customer’s have any of the above door hardware combinations installed and are still broken into – they’re covered under the UAP anti-burglar guarantee!

Each UAP cylinder comes with a registration card attached to the keyring. Activating the guarantee is simple –  all your customer needs to do is enter the serial number and their details and they’re covered!


For more information please contact one of sales team on 0161 796 7268.