Protect homes with the UAP letterplate

Published on 1 May, 2018 | Blog

Our extensive letterplate range is not only designed to secure your customer’s property, but also transform the look of their door.

We stock letterplates for all requirements!


Letterplates can often provide an easy target for vandals, which is why our letterplate range incorporates outward facing brushes, designed with home security in mind.

Not only do these brushes act as a visual deterrent to vandals, but it makes much more difficult to post unwanted items through the letterplate.

TS008 – Accredited

With the launch of our high security letterplate range, we are proud to announce that we can add the TS008:2015 accreditation under our belt and offer you even more.

Our TS008 letterplate provides resistance against ‘key fishing’ and lock manipulation, whilst allowing postal items to pass freely through it.

Fire- Resistant

Our fire resistant range incorporates Intumescent lining that expands to 50 times its volume when exposed to heat, meaning less smoke can pass through the door.

Non-heat absorbing washers hold the doors attaching metal fittings, keeping the metal screws away from the plastic, which will melt if heated.

Guarantee Security with our TS008 Letterplate range!

A revision to the PAS24:2016 standard now requires that letter plates are TS008 compliant. The Soterian is the perfect solution for any door, combining durability and security with a modern and stylish look.

Not only is our TS008 Letterplate highly secure and compact in design, its rounded flap contributes to a revolutionary streamlined design.

Consisting of a minimal internal projection of only 35mm from the door surface, the door can be fully opened without the letterplate colliding with interior walls or becoming a hazard for small children to bump into.

To view the product video – Click here! 

A variety of letterplates are included in our Nanocoast range.

Designed and tested to combat corrosion, Nanocoast products prove to be hardwearing no matter the weather! Find out more here.