UAP Narrow TS003 Door Chains (Secured by Design)

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Features Include:

Awarded Secured by Design approval
TS003 approved
1 Hour Fire Rated
Narrow door chain style
Made from high grade material
Individually machine welded links makes the chains extra strong
Exceeds breaking forces of over 2kN (200Kg)
Suitable for every type and door size
Available in 3 different finishes
Tested  in accordance with DHF TS 003:2012 standards


Fire Testing Standards:

Protection Time Door Material Certifire Specification
FD60 – 60 Minutes Timber No
FD30 – 30 Minutes Nan Ya Composite No



Improving door security requires protection not only against break-ins while homeowners are away but also protection from intruders knocking at the front door. The impressive UAP narrow TS003 door chains are the perfect choice for all, and have been awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval by the association of police officers.

FR60 small

The UAP narrow TS003 door chains are made from steel and what makes it stand apart from other door chains is that it can exceed a breaking force of over 2kN (200Kg). This is achieved by each link in the door chain being individually machine welded, providing additional strength and resilience to forced entry!

What is TS003?

TS003:2012 is the most up to date specification for door chains and limiters and is used in numerous standards within the industry including Secured by Design. In order to reach TS003:2012, a door chain is tested to see if it can withstand the effects of extreme and repeated force and abuse. The door chain is put through tests of both ‘attack mode’ and ‘abuse mode’ and if it is still intact after these tests have been carried out then it will pass.

The test for abuse mode is designed to replicate the actions of someone repeatedly opening and closing a door with some force. Firstly, the door chain is fitted as per the instructions of the manufacturer; it is then subjected to a force of 100N. This is repeated 200 times to see if it can withstand the force without the door opening or the chain breaking. Further to this, the chain must allow the door to close again sufficiently afterwards.

Attack mode is supposed to replicate quite a strong person shoulder barging or kicking into a door which has the chain installed. To test this safely a 30 kg sandbag is hung from the door chain to see if it can withstand the force.

hollow wall fixing

To compliment the door chains, we have also developed hollow wall anchors. Hollow wall anchors are used to fix the screws into the plastic door frame to get a good, solid fix. The reason these are needed is because a door frame maybe 2mm thick, so there is not enough material for the screws to grip. These are especially needed when fixing many products such as door chains etc. into thick skins of uPVC panels or composite door skins.

Unlike other wall fixings, we adjusted the grip spike to get a good fix, but not making it too big so that it can shatter or crack plastic. We then specified counter sunk bolts in either Brass or Chrome, so they suit most colour by volume, and fits into our counter sunk furniture. Each pack comes with 6 fixings and plated bolts.