UAP Door Knob

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Features Include:

Hidden fixings means internal fixings are not visible on the door!
Contemporary design
Each stainless steel door knob comes with a LIFETIME coating guarantee!
Each brass based door knob comes with a 5 year inland guarantee


The UAP Door Knob has a very contemporary design, and has been produced to a very high standard. It is very high quality, with hidden fixings. This means internal fixings are not visible, creating a much cleaner and smoother look on the inside of the door.

There are 6 finishes available in total. Polished brass, polished chrome and satin chrome door knob finishes are made from brass, and come with a 5 year inland guarantee. PVD gold, mirror polished and satin stainless door knob finishes are made from 316 grade stainless steel, and are part of the UAP Nanocoast range. The UAP Nanocoast range of products are specifically designed for areas which are within a 25 mile radius of the coast, or within 5 miles of highly populated industrial areas. Each straight pull handle has been salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours, and comes with an industry first LIFETIME coating guarantee, as the pull handle will not pit, rust or corrode no matter what environments you put them in!

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To make the door furniture suite together, we have also introduced a range of UAP escutcheons which are designed go around the UAP euro cylinders in order to  to create a professional looking door. These escutcheons can be suited to the UAP door knob in order to give a colour matched door hardware solution!