5 Inch Victorian Urn Bolt Fix Door Knocker

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Features Include:

Classic Victorian style look
 Easy to cut flexi nylon bolts will never rust
 Comes with colour matched nuts and washers
Ideal for smaller sized doors or doors with vertical mullions
Engravable area if needed for logos, text and numerals etc
 Up to a 5 year coating guarantee on standard finishes


It is no secret that decorative, ornamental door knockers can really improve and enhance the overall appearance of an entrance door, and add substantial value onto a property. The exquisite 5 inch Victorian Urn from UAP Ltd is ideal on smaller sized doors or doors with vertical mullions where the standard 6″ urn is a little too big.  It has bolt-through fixings and comes with 2 perfectly-matching solid brass nuts and washers for effective colour co-ordination. The door knocker is fitted onto the door using revolutionary nylon bolts, which can fit door thicknesses of up to 75mm. They are incredibly easy to cut down to size if needs be-and all you need is a Stanley knife in order to complete this task-so no more sawing.

The nylon bolts also do not condensate or rust, which means that your company’s door will look pristine and impressive to your customers for an extended period of time, adding to an excellent customer perception of your company as a whole.

The 5 inch Victorian Urn is simple and easy to install; so it is no wonder why Victorian Urns from UAP are proving to be so popular. The 5 inch Victorian door knockers are extremely affordable, without any compromise whatsoever on quality, so you do not even need to spend a fortune in the process in order to obtain door hardware which is of a superior standard.