Product of the Month: 3* Kinetica
Blog Product of the Month: 3* Kinetica

Product of the Month: 3* Kinetica

Published on 25 February, 2016



Fullex and UAP have joined forces to develop the best value for money 3* cylinder on the market!

Kinetica utilises our patented timing pin and zero lift technology, and at the same time combines the Fullex anti-snap solution in a very effective product – financially making huge sense.

The Fullex anti-tilt mechanism is a very clever and a simple notion that they have a patent pending for. In normal anti-snap cylinders once a cylinder is snapped at the outside end, the inner section is heavier and will tilt allowing the burglar a small gap to gain access to the bolt. The Fullex anti-tilt ring stops this happening – it is surprisingly effective but amazingly simple.

Kinetica uses a standard keyway which not only means that replacement keys can be readily cut, avoiding a spend of over £20 a time, but this means our timing pins can be used which stop cylinder entrapment.

Cylinder entrapment is the phenomenon that once attacked; the cylinder cannot be opened on the inside of property thereby causing the occupant the risk of being trapped.

It has the full 3* rating and is Secured by Design Approved, with the full anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and snap resistant features incorporated.

The Kinetica range comprises 3 finishes: satin nickel, polished brass and polished chrome and the cylinder is available in various sizes from 70mm onwards, from either  UAP or from Fullex.

We were also mindful of the need to re-pin cylinders in house to give greater flexibility for customers. Kinetica can be re-pinned as a keyed alike or even master suite range and uniquely the 3* Kinetica can even be keyed to the UAP+ 1* range of cylinders.

The 3* cylinder market has been growing over the last 12 months or so with fabricators understanding the consumer need for greater door security without having to upgrade handles or add extra security devices.

To find out more about this fantastic product click here or contact our sales team: 0161 796 7268

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