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Masterkeying Solutions

Masterkeying Example 

A simple masterkeyed system is ideal for a block of apartments in which each occupant is issued with a single key to pass their own apartment door plus all the communal doors such as the main entrance door, bin store, garage and laundry.

The master key is held by the building manager/superintendent.


Grand Masterkeying Example

In many larger buildings or groups of buildings such as a university or a hospital, it would be totally impractical to provide different cylinder for each and every door. Even within a single department, the head of department could become the holder of hundreds of keys.

Masterkeying allows an organisation to control who has access to which doors through the careful design and organisation of the key profiles and pin arrangement of the cylinders within the system.

Grand Masterkeying takes it even further, creating hierarchy of keys can be developed which allows access to individual doors, groups of doors, all the doors on one floor, or ultimately all the doors within a building or campus.

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