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Locking Cylinder Solutions

Whatever your project, Locking Systems offers a range of secure locking cylinder solutions either as part of a masterkeying requirement or independently.

Additional functionality can easily be incorporated into the cylinders, either to increase security or improve safety – and specific solutions are readily available for sensitive projects such as  schools and hospitals.

Locking System’s vastly experienced Technical Team can assist and support in the creation and execution of complex suiting requirements specific to each individual project.

Locking Cylinder Selection

Critical to the physical security of most buildings is the selection of the most appropriate locking cylinder solution, both for the people managing the building and those who will be using it.

Locking Systems will ensure the following key factors are discussed and considered:

  • The level of physical security or attack resistance required to prevent forced entry
  • Balancing security vs. the convenience of key duplication
  • The size and complexity of masterkeying
  • The type of lengths of cylinders required
  • Any additional cylinder functionality, including: classroom, anti-barricade, contractor use and other options.


Depending on the needs of the building and its users, a decision has to made between convenience of having duplicate keys cut locally with no control, or having more control on the supply of duplicate keys. The security of any key system can quickly and easily be compromised if there is no control on who can supply duplicate keys.


Ideal for situations where an occupied room is left unattended without supervision. The room can be locked from the outside to prevent unauthorised entry while having peace of mind that the door can always be opened from the inside. The cylinder however, can never lock the door from the inside, making the function ideal for classroom applications.


Some circumstances require a room to be lockable from the inside but always allow access from the outside. The anti-barricade function isolates the internal turn from the external key function making both mechanisms independent of each other. The function always allows the key to unlock the door from the outside even if the internal thumbturn is being held in the locked position from the outside. This function is ideal for secure and psychiatric institutions, care homes and other secure facilities. 


During the construction process of a building it’s normal practice for keys to be given to contractors so they have access. If a key is lost, stolen or not returned by a contractor the security of a building is compromised. With construction keying, a special pin is incorporated during assembly which allows a single “construction key” to be issued to the contractor. All remaining keys are retained until the building is handed over to the client. When the client uses and rotates the building masterkey into all cylinders the construction key will be inoperable ensuring the security of the building.


Bumping is a method of physically manipulating a cylinder to gain unauthorised access to a room or area with the use of an unauthorised key. Where this could be an issue a system with an anti-bump feature should be used. 


Some situations lead themselves to keys being left inserted on the inside of a double cylinder. Standard cylinders will not allow another key to operate from the outside. However, cylinders supplied with the key override functionality allow the cylinder to be operable from both sides even when a key is inserted on the other side of a door, making the function ideal for nursing homes.


Ideally suited where there is a steady turnover of key holders. This function enables the key holder to be changed without the need to change the cylinder. If a user issued with key one fails to return all key one keys, there is an obvious security risk. However once key number two is rotated 360 degrees in the cylinder, this then makes key one invalid. Key three will invalidate key one and key two.


This standard was designed and developed to combat the particular
threat of cylinder snapping and bumping to gain forced entry.

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