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Latest News Fake or Fullex? Tackling the Counterfeit Market

Fake or Fullex? Tackling the Counterfeit Market

Published on 5 November, 2019

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Last month at the MLA show, we became aware that some companies have been selling counterfeit Fullex products such as centre cases and associating them with the brand by using the Fullex name and logo, which they do not have permission to do so.

While no company should have their products (produced by years of hard work, research and development) illegally copied, this is not just an issue of copyright. Locks are a device created for home safety, and counterfeit products are not made to the same standard and are most likely not tested at all.

Why Buy Genuine Fullex?

These fake centre cases are being installed in doors, compromising home security and facilitating burglaries and other crimes. Buying and selling these products puts lives at risk.

Similarly, counterfeit electrical home products are frequently sold to consumers which result in accidents in the home, and the poor quality of the electrics often start fires. Counterfeit locks come with the same risks to public safety – be responsible and don’t take the risk.

If you wouldn’t put it in your door, don’t put it in a customer’s door.

How to spot Genuine Fullex

The primary identification method for Fullex products is the stamp of the Fullex logo on the lock case – this will say ‘Genuine Fullex Part’.

Genuine Fullex centre cases now come in fully-branded boxes for easy identification. If an alleged Fullex product comes without a branded box, without a box at all, or the packaging looks like a poorly made copy, this will not be genuine Fullex.

Furthermore, if you see a Fullex product listed online but the price looks too good to be true and outside of the usual price range, don’t take the risk.

Please note that we are currently working on an identification process for legitimate distributors to try and tackle the issue.

Lastly, if you think you have found a suspicious listing of a Fullex products that could be a fake, please report it to us on 0161 796 7268 or email [email protected]

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