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Have Confidence with Certifire

Published on 12 January, 2016


UAP Letter Plates have received Certifire approval!

certifire letter plate

We have confidence in our products, and so can you! All of the aluminium and stainless steel letter plates in our range have been awarded the Certifire certification and will leave your customers feeling assured they are safer with these products then others on the market.

The letter plates underwent a 30 minute fire test in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2014 and not only passed this esteemed accreditation but lasted 60% longer than necessary.

It’s a fantastic achievement as our products are constantly being tested and improved  and having yet another accreditation under our belt shows the work is paying off.

Certifire is an internationally recognised certificate and highly regarded in the industry, and by achieving it we are keeping up with the demands of our customers.

Recognised in Approved Document B for fire safety, the accreditation assures all of its approved products are fit for their purpose with rigorous testing and annual reviews.

Certifire products – products you can be certain of!

The 30 minute fire rated letter plates are for 40-80mm door profiles and include pioneering features which slow down the speed in which a fire can travel through a door.

Intumescent lining is used on the letter plates, which has the unique ability to expand against heat which has radiated directly from a fire. The intumescent lining expands to 50 times its size, sealing any gaps in the door hardware. It is also activated at 5 degrees lower than any other intumescent available, meaning that the gaps are sealed faster and less smoke is able to get through the door.

Non-heat absorbing washers are used, which hold the doors attaching metal fittings. They are extremely important, forming part of the hour patent, acting as a heat sink, keeping the metal screws away from the plastic and in turn the heat.

These products have more than just fire protecting features! The flaps have 180 degree opening ability and ultra-flexible springs to withstand thousands of openings and prevent snapping – making a durable and long lasting product. The letter plate’s anti-vandal properties include outward facing brushes that will make it difficult for any unwanted items to be put into the cavity. The brushes protect against draughts in the home as well making inserting post easy.

What is Certifire?

The independent third party certification scheme is internationally recognised and respected -Operated by Exova Warringtonfire Certification Limited, the company is recognised in the industry for the high standard of products it accredits.

There will be audits of the intumescent manufacturer and assembly site as well as mechanical tests for durability and corrosion resistance once a product is accredited – to make sure all products remain compliant.

Certifire Assured products are products you can be certain of! To see UAP’s Certifire Letter Plates, click here, or call their sales team on: 0161 796 7268.


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