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Letterbox crime: Is your home protected?

As the dark nights roll in - especially with the clocks going back soon - the cover of darkness helps thieves hide their criminal activity. But, many don’t upgrade their home security until they have themselves been a victim.

Home security is much more than ensuring your doors and windows are locked. Burglars will try a number of well calculated approaches to gain entry into your home – and this includes using your letterbox.


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It's National Home Security Month - Is your home secure this Autumn?

October is the National Home Security Month! As the darker nights approach it's important to keep your home and family safe and secure from the dangers of burglary especially in these autumn months.

Securing your home is more than just about having adequate defence against intruders on the outside. It’s also about ensuring the safety of yourself and your family on the inside. 


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Is Your Door Burglar-Proof?

In most cases, your door is the first place a burglar will check when attempting to break into your home. After all a door provides the easiest access to a property and the quickest escape.

With the dark nights fast approaching, it’s vital to check that your home security is in check. Having a secure door that offers maximum protection against forced entry and common lock breaking techniques can help keep your home, belongings and family secure. 


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Why buy Secured by Design products?

Secured by Design (SBD) refers to the UK Police flagship initiative for secured products and designs recognised for their effectiveness in reducing crime.

Statistics show that by using Secured by Design products in your home you are up to 75% less likely to be burgled and show a reduction in criminal damage of as much as 25%.

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Don’t fall victim to Social Media Burglary!

With statistics showing that one in five people post about being away on social media*, do savvy criminals have another way of targeting homes?

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have become part of everyday life for many. But the modern-day burglar is now cashing in on the global fixation of sharing online.

Criminals use social media too and the urge to ‘check in’ at your favourite holiday hotspot or post your summer ‘selfie’ could be putting your home at risk. 

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