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Kitemark 3 Star Security

For door manufacturers, in order to achieve what’s known as a PAS24 door, the hardware they use has to add up to a minimum of 3 stars.

It is vital that when you get a new front door that you make sure there is 3 star Kitemark security on the door in order to ensure that your door is secure.

This can be achieved in one of the following ways:

3 star cylinder

The easiest way to achieve 3 star security is to simply install a UAP Kinetica 3 star cylinder. This can be treated as a direct replacement for your existing cylinder. With this you can install any door handles you choose and you will be safe in the knowledge that your home is protected.

Each Kinetica cylinder has many security features including:

  • Anti-Snap
  • Anti-Bump
  • Anti-Drill
  • Anti Pick
  • Anti-Plug Pull
  • Anti Tilt

1 star cylinder and a 2 star security door handle

You can choose to install a UAP+ 1 star Kitemarked cylinder with a UAP 2 star Kitemarked security door handle. The UAP high security door handles are high quality, and ergonomically shaped, offering superior proction with security features including:

  • Anti-Drill Resistance  – An integrated cylinder guard helps protect your door from drilling attacks. The blind cylinder end only makes the plug of the cylinder visible, helping to protect the pins inside from being drilled.

  • Easy Fitting and Attack Resistance – Self-adhesive tabs ensure not only easy and secure fitting also further strengthen the door handle against possible attacks

  • Water Penetration Resistance – The self-adhesive tabs also aid in preventing water from penetrating between the door and handle, thus preventing corrosion, discoloration, and premature aging

  • Cylinder and Handle Snapping Protection – Once fitted onto the door, the door handle is developed to help protect from cylinder snapping and handle snapping

1 star cylinder and a 2 star escutcheon

Alternatively you can choose to install a UAP+ 1 star Kitemarked cylinder with a UAP 2 star Kitemarked escutcheon. The escutcheon fits around the end of the cylinder, and is ideal to be used if you have a pull handle on your door. It comes with several security features including:

  • Bevelled edge makes gripping more difficult to pull it off
  • High tensile strength fixing bolts
  • Made from 304 grade stainless steel

UAP products are available from the following online stores: