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Is Your Door Burglar-Proof?

Published 25.9.2017 in the Blog.

In most cases, your door is the first place a burglar will check when attempting to break into your home. After all a door provides the easiest access to a property and the quickest escape.


With the dark nights fast approaching, it’s vital to check that your home security is in check. 

Having a secure door that offers maximum protection against forced entry and common lock breaking techniques can help keep your home, belongings and family secure. 

What is Cylinder Snapping? 

It might surprise you to hear that the standard euro cylinder can be broken into within seconds. Cylinder snapping is the most common lock burglary technique. On standard cylinders, the weakest point is at the central screw fixing position. When force is applied, the lock will simply snap, making it very easy for a burglar to then manipulate the cylinder in to opening.

To combat this, upgrade your cylinder to one that has been specifically designed to prevent this method of attack and undergone rigorous testing to meet the 3 Star security standards.

 3 Star Security Explained

The TS007 3 star rating is the highest rating and considered the ultimate door security solution. 3 star cylinders have built in protection features to defend against cylinder snapping, drilling and picking to name a few.

However, installing a 3 star cylinder is not the only way to get this level of security. Installing a 1 star cylinder with a 2 star door handle or high security escutscheon you can also achieve 3 star security status.

Reach 3 Star Security with UAP Door Hardware!

For 3 star security in just one product, look no further than the UAP Kinetica. A combination of the expertise from UAP and Fullex, the Kinetica is packed with security features. Find out more here.

Installing the UAP 1 star cylinder with the 2 star high security door handle offers both cylinder and handle snapping protection.

Alternatively to the door handle is the high security escutcheon which also has a 2 star rating. It’s bevelled edge makes it extremely difficult for burglars to pull off. 

For more information on UAP 3 Star security solutions, head here