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It's National Home Security Month - Is your home secure this Autumn?

Published 2.10.2017 in the Blog.

October is the National Home Security Month

As the darker nights approach it's important to keep your home and family safe and secure from the dangers of burglary especially in these autumn months. 

Securing your home is more than just about having adequate defence against intruders on the outside. It’s also about ensuring the safety of yourself and your family on the inside. 

With this in mind, install high quality home security solutions that are designed specifically to prevent some of the most commonly used burglary techniques. 

Intruders are becoming smart with their break in methods. Upgrading your cylinder lock to one that includes added security features to prevent lock bumping, cylinder snapping, picking and many other forced entry techniques can help combat this threat. 

Adding extra security to your front door can help secure your home further. The protection of a door chain not only means you can speak to a caller before opening your door fully, but it makes it difficult for an intruder to force their way into your home as soon as your door is unlocked. Likewise, installing a door viewer can provide you with added peace of mind of knowing who is calling before opening your door, especially as the dark nights roll in. 

Aside from equipping your home with secure door hardware, it's vital that you don't forget about your window security.  An unlocked window provides a burglar with a quick and convenient route into your home. Window locks and window restrictors are to designed to secure your windows to keep intruders from entering your home. 

Ensure that you have no potential weaknesses in your home security. Keep an eye out for anything that might provide an easy way in for burglars. 

For tips and advice for keeping your home and belongings safe and secure, keep up to date with our blog.

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