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Our top tips to give your home security a spring makeover

Published 20.3.2018 in the Blog.

Spring has sprung into action, and there is nothing but long light spring evenings ahead. But that doesn’t mean the threat of burglary is behind us.

If you are thinking about revamping your home, don’t forget to also give your home security a spring makeover. Making the smallest of changes can impact hugely on you overall security.

Here are our top tips to get your spring kicked off safely.

Don’t overlook your window security

Now the weather is beginning to change, it may be tempting to leave your windows open and unattended.  Windows provide the perfect gateway into your home for burglars. The good news is there are affordable home security solutions.

The window restrictor limits the opening of a window to no more than 100mm - enough to enable air to circulate throughout your home, but not enough for an intruder to fit through. The decreased opening also provides an effective home safety measure protecting children from falling out of open windows.

Find out more here.

Is your cylinder secure?

You may not have thought about your overall lock or unsure what a cylinder actually is. But having a locked door is simply not enough to prevent a burglar gaining entry to your property. Criminals are adopting lock breaking methods, and tactics such as cylinder snapping is now thought to account to a quarter of all break-ins.

So what can you do to protect yourself? It's simple. Check your door security!

The cylinder is the part of the lock that the key goes in. If your cylinder does not carry any added security features it can be broken into within seconds. Installing a high security cylinder is a cost effective solution. UAP high security cylinders are designed to defend against cylinder snapping, lock bumping, picking and drill attacks.

What's more they even come with a £5000 anti-burglary guarantee.

Find out more here.

Revamp the garden

In the run up to the summer months it may be a good time to look at your outside space and there's a few things that you can do to help your home be less of a target for criminals. Adding noisy gravel to your pathways, external lighting, security cameras and trimming overgrown bushes are just some home security measures you can take.

And don’t forget to move the spare key! This may sound obvious, but so many of us are guilty of leaving the spare key under the nearest plant pot. Leave your key with a trusted neighbour or friend.  

Lock away your valuables

As well as being cautious about leaving your valuables on show in your home, it’s equally important to take into account what valuables you are leaving unattended outside.

Be sure to safely secure bikes, BBQ’s, lawn mowers and all your gardening equipment in a safe place.

Be careful what you post

It’s tempting to post about your upcoming travel plans or your holiday selfie on social media but is this putting your home at risk of burglary? Criminals use social media too and an empty home is their perfect target.

Hold off posting about your holiday until you have returned home.