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Secure your home with UAP £5000 anti-burglary guarantee!

Published 12.2.2018 in the Blog.

Anti-snap, anti-bump and now anti-burglary!  

As well as UAP cylinders offering additional security features to protect you home against the most common lock breaking attacks, you will also be protected under their anti-burglary guarantee. 

UAP guarantee security 

UAP are so confident about the quality of their cylinders that they are offering a guarantee of up to £5,000 to cover the costs of the stolen goods.

That’s right, If your property is broken into via a UAP high security cylinder -and your insurance company won’t pay out -then UAP will.

If that’s not guaranteed security - we don’t know what is!

How to be covered

All you need to do is register your UAP cylinder and have 3 star UAP door hardware. To meet the criteria you must have one of these 3 combinations installed on your door...

Install the UAP 3 Star Kitemarked Kinetica cylinder 


Installing the Kinetica is the easiest way of reaching 3 star security.  The kinetica provides maximum protection from common lock breaking techniques.

Each Kinetica cylinder has many security features including:

Alternatively you can choose to install a UAP+ 1 star Kitemarked cylinder with WITH EITHER a 2 star Kitemarked door handle 


The UAP high security door handles offering superior protection with security features including:

  - Cylinder and Handle Snapping Protection

  - An integrated cylinder guard helps protect your door from drilling attacks.

  - Self-adhesive tabs ensure easy and secure fitting as well as further protection against possible attacks.

OR install a UAP+ 1 star Kitemarked cylinder with a 2 star Kitemarked escutcheon. 


The escutcheon fits around the end of the cylinder, and is ideal to be used if you have a pull handle on your door. It comes with several security features including:

- Bevelled edge makes gripping more difficult to pull it off

- High tensile strength fixing bolts

Activating your guarantee!

Each UAP cylinder comes with a registration card attached to the keyring. Activating the guarantee is simple –  all you need to do is enter the serial number and your details and you’ll be covered!