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Have you registered for your £5000 anti-burglary guarantee?

Published 3.4.2018 in the Blog.

If you have the Kinetica 3 star cylinder or have any other UAP 3 star cylinder combination installed then you have secured yourself a FREE £5,000 anti-burglary guarantee.

Activating the guarantee is quick, easy and best of all it’s FREE!

All you need to do is visit the ‘product registration’ page on the UAP website and register each cylinder using the serial number. The number can be found on the registration card attached to the key ring which also features a QR code for quick activation.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We all know that UAP high security cylinders are designed to withstand common burglary attacks such as lock bumping. But, what many don’t realise is that if an intruder does manage to break into one of their high security cylinders, UAP will cover the cost of your stolen goods of up to £5000 under their anti-burglary guarantee.

So in the event that an insurance company won’t pay out – UAP will!


 Installing a UAP high security cylinder can save you time and money. If there’s ever a situation where you lose all your keys, instead of having a new cylinder installed, you can simply log on to your account to access your key number and an image of the key to take to your local key cutter. 

Install 3 star security 

If you are looking to upgrade your home security, here’s how you can secure yourself the anti-burglary guarantee today:

Install the UAP 3 Star Kitemarked Kinetica cylinder

Alternatively you can install a UAP+ 1 star Kitemarked cylinder with WITH EITHER a 2 star Kitemarked door handle 

Or Install a UAP+ 1 star Kitemarked cylinder with a 2 star Kitemarked escutcheon. 

Find out more about their security features here