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Protect your empty home while you're away!

Published 3.8.2018 in the Blog.

It’s holiday season and amidst the excitement of planning to go away, checking your security measures at home can often slip your mind. With so many people away on holiday at this time of year, it can be an ideal time for burglars to strike.

Before you go away it’s vital to check your home security as well as thinking about implications that could come from sharing your empty home on social media.

Upgrade your door security!

Burglars will use many ways to attempt to gain entry into your home and this includes manipulating your door lock.

The cylinder is the part of the lock that your key goes into and many are unaware of how important it is in protecting against common burglary techniques. If the cylinder installed on your door has no additional security features, it can take a burglar just seconds to break into your home!

With this in mind, an effective way to be protected from lock breaking technique is to make sure your door cylinder incorporates an anti-bump system as well as protection from snapping, drilling and picking attacks.

UAP high security cylinders have been designed and tested to defend against criminals attempting to break in to your home using these common lock breaking technique.

Check out UAP's range of high security cylinders here.

Be wary what you share!

As well as checking your overall home security, be wary about advertising your empty home on social media.

Criminals use social media too! As tempting as it may be to post holiday snaps and updates while you’re away, the safest option would be to wait until you’re home.

If you are to post your summer snaps, check your privacy settings to control who can see your posts and turn off your location settings to avoid social media sites revealing where you are.

If being burgled wasn’t bad enough, sharing holiday activity on social media could affect your ability to claim on your home insurance policy.

For those who have posted about being away from home on their social media may be breaking their home insurance terms and therefore may be refused a pay out from their insurer.