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Lost your keys? Don't stress! Let Find a Locksmith help!

Published 23.7.2018 in the Blog.

Snapped your house or car key? No need to worry - The Find a Locksmith App has you covered! This FREE App is the perfect way to find a locksmith on the go - no matter where you are!

Unfortunately in the UK there are no rules or regulations on the locksmith industry, meaning people do not even need to attend a locksmith training course before turning up at your door!

That’s why the Find a Locksmith App introduced the ‘TradeLocks Approved’ scheme! As one of the leading locksmith tool suppliers in the industry, Tradelocks have built up a database of highly skilled and experienced locksmiths.

Tradelocks Approved members are locksmiths who have been personally vetted by a member of the Tradelocks team to ensure that they are professional and competent.

These locksmiths are clearly marked on the app with the ‘Tradelocks Approved’ badge!

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