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Is your home protected from lock breaking burglaries?

Published 24.1.2018 in the Blog.

Sean Wilson secures your street

Corrie's very own Sean Wilson, due to return to the cobbles in a few weeks as Martin Platt on the nation's favourite street, features in our exciting TV ad.

Our ad highlights the dangers of leaving your home exposed. Alarmingly, there are still a lot of homes that rely on cheaper budget cylinders which offer little or no protection from lock breaking attacks!

The advert showcases UAP cylinders and Fullex multipoint locks and how their added security features can protect your home. 

Click the video below for a sneak peak!

Cylinder snapping

Cylinder snapping is one of the most common lock breaking techniques, thought to account for around a quarter of all break-ins.

On standard cylinders the weakest point is at the central screw hole and when force is applied, the lock will simply snap, making it very easy for a burglar to then manipulate the cylinder in to opening.

The UAP high security 1 star and the Kinetica 3 star Kitemarked cylinders have a sacrificial cut line on them, which when force is applied, the cylinder will break on this line only, leaving the locking mechanism intact. 

Lock bumping

UAP cylinders also feature anti-bump features. Lock bumping is when a key that has been specially cut (called a bump key) is placed in to the cylinder, pulled back a couple of notches and the end of the key is then hit – usually with a mallet or hammer. This causes the pins inside the cylinder to vibrate up and down, which eventually line up and trick the cylinder in to opening. 

There is often very little evidence to prove forced entry which can result in insurance companies refusing to pay out, as they believe you have simply forgot to lock your door. Make sure your cylinder lock is mechanically anti-bump.