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Is social media sharing putting your home at risk?

Published 5.3.2018 in the Blog.

With social media websites giving you the option to share your location, are burglars cashing in on the global fixation of sharing online?

Criminals use social media too and as tempting as it may be to post while you’re away, the safest option would be to wait until you’re home.

Sharing your holiday snaps online makes it clear that you are not at home and could be putting your empty property at risk of burglary.

With this in mind it’s important to check your privacy settings on all of your social media accounts so your information doesn’t fall in the wrong hands.

Remember, if being burgled wasn’t bad enough, sharing your holiday activity on social media could affect you when it comes to claiming on your home insurance policy.

For those who have posted about being away from their home on their social media may be breaking the terms of their insurance policy and therefore may be refused a pay out from their insurer.