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Make sure your fire door isn’t neglected this Fire Door Safety Week

Published 24.9.2018 in the Blog.

A fire door is more than just a door, it’s a safety device.

You may not give them much thought, but fire doors are play a crucial role in fire protection in every commercial, public and multiple occupancy building. They save lives and property. Despite this, they’re often negelcted, mismanaged, propped open, damaged and badly maintained.

Because of this Fire Door Safety Week was created! 

The campaign, which is runs from Monday 24th September – Sunday 30th September, aims to raise awareness of the critical role of fire doors.

Make sure you're fire door isn't negelcted this Fire Door Safety Week by completing a 5 step fire door check - it only takes a couple of minutes!

If you suspect that the building you’re living in, working in or visiting has a faulty fire door report it to whoever manages or owns the building. You could save a life.

Want to know more about Fire Door Safety Week? Then click here.

*Please Note: These 5 basic checks cannot replace a full inspection by a qualified specialist, but they can highlight any immediate issues.