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Are you leaving your home open to the risk of burglary?

Published 21.8.2017 in the Blog.

Our exclusive survey shows too many of us are ignoring basic home security! 

We’ve carried out a major survey of homeowners and it’s revealed that many are leaving their houses open to the risk of burglary this summer. 


The research found that one in five (19 per cent) who have been on holiday and are on social media have posted about when they are away without thinking about the fact it shows their house will be empty. 

The survey, by OnePoll, suggests it is not just those going on holiday who are leaving their homes vulnerable – over half say they do not typically lock their doors every time they leave the house empty because they are nearby, such as when they are barbecuing or gardening. 

 For those determined to break into homes, locks are the last line of defence yet the research also finds that there is a lack of awareness about their door locks. 61 per cent have no idea of the brand of locks on their external doors while over half are unsure even of the type of lock they have. 

Our home security expert Barry Halpin said:

"With so many people away from home on holiday at this time of year, it can be an ideal time for burglars to strike. To avoid nasty surprises, homeowners need to make sure they are doing all they can to protect their property – and this includes thinking about how they share news of when their house will be empty."

"It is also alarming that so many people are unaware of the type and brand of locks on external doors. I would urge homeowners to pay more attention to this crucial element of home security and consider upgrading their locks to the latest products that meet the highest security standards."

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