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Why Choose Secured by Design

Published on 8 February, 2017


Ever wondered what all the fuss was about when it comes to Secured by Design? How it helps the door fabricator to purchase Secured by Design products when buying hardware for there doors ?  Well, here is our run down of SBD:


What is Secured by Design?

Secured by Design is the official and leading initiative created by the Association of Chief Police Officers; who are working towards fighting crime with improved home security.

Often security is overlooked until after crime has been committed, so the initiative was brought into place to encourage the building industry to do more in the way of home security.

The initiative sets out the benchmark for manufacturers of security products, and the certificate is given to the products that meet the standards of ‘designed for security.’ They need to show they are of a high standard and display evidence of their effectiveness in preventing or reducing the risk of crime – usually by resistance of physical attack.

By being awarded ‘Secured by Design’ approval a company is being credited for having products which are designed to successfully help combat this type of crime.

Who uses ‘Secured by Design?’

Secured by Design is used by more than 400 companies who supply security measures to the construction industry and consumer. Those who have the highest quality products can be accredited by the Secured by Design initiative.

Why Invest in Secured by Design Products?

Statistics show that those have products with this certification installed in their home are up to 75% less likely to get burgled and show a reduction in criminal damage of 25%.

By buying products that have the police associations stamp of honour it means you are investing in products that have been recognised for their effectiveness in reducing crime. The standards set out certain criteria which need to be met to get the Secured by Design approval – so you have complete reassurance that the products you are buying are as secure as they say they are.

If you are concerned with security – which the consumer often is – then buying products with this approval is a good way of ensuring what you’re buying really does what it says it does. That’s because its been tested to prove it. Plus Secured by Design is a great selling point for the consumer as they are being told a product is secure by the police authority and not just from a door or hardware manufacturer or unknown accreditation.

UAP and Secured by Design 

At UAP we supply a full range of Secured by Design products:

–  TS003 Door Chain 


–  2 Star Kitemarked High Security Door Handle  

–  2 Star Kitemarked High Security Escutcheon 


–  2 Star Kitemarked Cylinder Guard 

–  SBD Door Viewers 

–  1 Star Kitemarked Zero Lift Cylinder  


–  3 Star Kitemarked Kinetica Cylinder 

–  SBD Letter Plates 

All Fullex mutlipoint locks are Secured by Design licenced. 


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