What Locks do I Need for my Patio Door?
Latest News What Locks do I Need for my Patio Door?

What Locks do I Need for my Patio Door?

Published on 27 May, 2021

Latest News

Between July 2019 and July 2020, there were 348,291 reported cases of household domestic burglary across the UK, according to the Police.UK crime data for this period. A 28% drop was reported in March 2020 as lockdown began, but these figures have begun to rise again as restrictions are lifted.

Patio and back doors are an attractive option for burglars as back gardens are often quieter and darker than the front of a house, with less opportunity to be seen or recorded. Installing CCTV and floodlights can help to deter home intruders, but the locks in your home’s entryways are what really do the work in preventing access.

This article from 2018 shows a man attempting to break into a house via the patio door with bolt cutters – thankfully, he was deterred by the home’s alarm system.

“The average cost of stolen items from inside a property was £1,840” – ONS

Experienced burglars can break into a home in under a minute, so having the right locks and security measures in place are essential – strong locks that resist breakage can deter a burglar from continuing as the longer it takes for them to break in, the more likely it is that they’ll be caught.

According to Research Without Barriers, 65% of burglary victims in 2020 admit that not securing their homes properly was what led to a burglary, and patio door locks are often overlooked as people assume that the front door is more at risk. Burglars are opportunists – don’t give them the chance!

Which patio door locks will make my home safer?

Your patio door locks should be just as strong and secure as your front door. UAP brand Fullex provides patio door locks that are Secured by Design accredited and PAS24 tested, meeting high standards for security and recommended by the Police. The Fullex Patio Lock is suitable for uPVC, timber and aluminium doors.

These patio locks are available in two versions; the 1414mm 6-hook and 1753mm 8-hook, which are suitable for all major uPVC profiles and boast exceptional security as well as durability. Each lock has been manufactured using Austenitic stainless steel, offering maximum corrosion resistance and creating a long lasting, durable product. These locks are designed to last and withstand damage inflicted during the most common break-in methods.

Whether you choose the 6 or 8 hook option, all hooks are opposing which makes it extremely difficult to lift them out – this is a common burglary tactic. There is also a central anti-lift bolt to make this even more challenging. On either patio lock, there is the option to add shootbolts at the top and the bottom, which secure the door further when locked.

It’s recommended that for maximum security, these locks are paired with our Kinetica 3 star BSI Kitemarked TS007 cylinders. It’s always advisable to pair your door security with alarms and CCTV to further deter criminals from attempting to break into your property. Take a look at our Patio Solutions Brochure for our full range of patio door security products.


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