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When getting new doors and locks installer, it is essential that you make sure that the person who turns up at your house is a qualified locksmith or installer.

Unfortunately in the UK there are no rules or regulations about who can call themselves a locksmith, and people do not even need to attend a locksmith training course before turning up at your door!

Tradelocks is a specialist supplier of locksmith tools to locksmiths and vehicle recovery companies all around the country (including both the AA and RAC.) We have team up with Tradelocks to promote their fantastic 'Find a Locksmith' app, which is available on iPhone and Android smart phones, as well as on your desktop by clicking here.


As part of their commitment to help keep you safe and protected, Tradelocks have vetted many of the people on the app, and only once they are completely happy that the locksmith is genuine and competent, will they award the locksmith with a 'Tradelocks Approved' badge:

You can be safe in the knowledge that if you select a 'Tradelocks Approved' locksmith, you will know that the locksmith who turns up to your door is fully qualified.

How does the app work?

The app is very easy to use. Once downloaded, you will see the home screen. You can search for locksmiths in one of 3 ways:

  • You can enter your postcode or town, and select the locksmith type you need; either domestic (home); auto (car) or safe. Then click 'Search.' This will bring up a list of locksmiths in a set proximity of your postcode or town.
  • You can select the locksmith type you need, and click 'Find Nearest Locksmith.' This will use your phone's GPS signal to find your location, and display locksmiths close to you.
  • You can select the locksmith type you need, and click the '24 hour locksmith' button. This is ideal in emergency situations, or if you require a locksmith out of normal hours late at night. This will only display locksmiths close to you that work 24 hours.

Once you have searched for a locksmith type, you will be presented with a list of locksmiths you can select from:

The 'Tradelocks Approved' locksmiths will also be shown at the top of the search results, so you can easily find them. Look out for the 'Tradelocks Approved' icon shown above.

On this list, you will be able to see an overview of each locksmith, including company and contact names; telephone and mobile numbers, the locksmith work they do, their postcode and also the town they operate in. You can click the 'click to call' button to phone the locksmith straight away, or you can click the 'click for more information' button to view more information, such as opening times and websites. 

If you like a locksmith, you can click 'add favourite.' This locksmith will be saved to your account, and you can access your favourite locksmiths from the main menu in the top left hand corner.