Latest News UAP Scores High For Customer Service Excellence

UAP Scores High For Customer Service Excellence

Published on 2 November, 2021

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We have recently been scored as excellent or very good by 85% of customers in our latest customer satisfaction survey, across multiple criteria including quality and accuracy of order fulfilment.

Carried out annually, the customer survey is just one of the tools that UAP uses for customer engagement, and it plays a pivotal role in our growth strategy. The survey enables the business to build feedback into its continuous improvement programme, highlighting areas for investment and allowing the leadership team to review the success of previous initiatives.

“The customer experience is very important to us and guides product development, operational excellence and service delivery,” says Mandy Ferguson, customer experience manager at UAP, “so we’re delighted by these scores. There’s always room for improvement, however, and we’ll use the feedback to drive continuous progress across all areas of the business.”

Customer feedback has been instrumental in guiding UAP’s product development and service provision over the past 25 years. For example, feedback in previous customer surveys led us to increase our inventory levels, leading to investment in new warehousing, £9 million in stockholding and new warehousing systems to aid supply chain reliability and reduced lead times.

Mandy continues: “The pandemic has had a significant impact on supply chains and we anticipated this, putting measures in place to ensure we could continue to offer short lead times, excellent availability and wide-ranging choice. The survey gives us an opportunity to assess performance across all departments so that we can offer customers an industry-leading experience at every touchpoint.”

To live up to the company’s promise as a reputable and trusted supply partner, we continue to focus on providing high-quality and innovative products that meet customers’ needs, while remaining an ethical and environmentally responsible business.

“We are constantly investing in new product development and operational efficiency,” Mandy adds. “After 25 years in business, we have an enviable understanding of the market but we are always learning and insights from our customers play an important role in that process.”


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