UAP Radio Campaign Schedule

Click here for a look at the UAP Radio Advert time slot schedule! 

The UAP  Radio campaign will be aired on the following radio stations throughout January:

Smooth Extra

Radio Wave


UAP and Fullex Radio Ad

With the help of Sean Wilson, who played Coronation Street’s Martin Platt for over 20 years on the nation’s favourite Soap, our innovative security products will be showcased to listeners nationwide.

How will this benefit your business?

Our goal is to educate listeners on high security door hardware and encourage them to invest in our  Secured by Design police approved UAP cylinders & Fullex multipoint locks.

As a manufacturer / installer of UAP and Fullex, this can help you stay ahead of competitors who don’t offer our range.

Be sure to listen out for our radio advert featured on Smooth Extra and Radio Wave throughout January.