The All New UAP Patio Door Handle: Made for Easy Fitting
Blog The All New UAP Patio Door Handle: Made for Easy Fitting

The All New UAP Patio Door Handle: Made for Easy Fitting

Published on 25 August, 2016


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Contemporary in design, easy to fit and corrosion resistant; the latest addition to our door handle range has been made meticulously and to an extremely high quality.

The UAP Patio Door Handle has a 219mm backplate and has been made with ease of fitting, smooth operation and high quality in mind. It is contemporary in appearance with plenty of space to grip the handle for a more comfortable opening operation.

The handle also includes a fluid and effortless to open thumbturn for an easy release of the doors latch.

Patent Pending Screw Alignment Feature

We have made fitting the handle simple with our patented screw alignment feature. This allows you to easily line the holes in the handle up with the holes in your door.
The feature acts as a holder for the screw and will keep them in place while you’re drilling. It will also help you line the screw up with the hole more easily – making the handle easy for just about anyone to fit, and making it a fast job if you have multiple handles to install.



The handle is made with 316 grade stainless steel; the highest grade of stainless on the market, offering the best protection against rust and corrosion.
As it is part of the Nanocoast range the handle also comes with a lifetime coating guarantee and is salt spray tested to ASTM B117 for 2,000 hours.
Nanocoast handles are designed with the perfect material to resist rusting, including rusting from high sea-salt concentrated air, which can accelerate the process. This makes the Nanocoast handle the perfect product for areas within a 25 mile radius of the coast.


Adjustable Handle

The direction the handle will face is dependent on which way the door opens. Although the handle already comes fitted to the backplate, it can be removed and refitted easily if need be – making it possible to adjust the opening direction of the door without hassle.

Compatible with High Security Cylinders

If you are concerned with security then it’s possible to install a high security cylinder into the handle, for a more secure handle and door. Both the UAP+ 1 star ZL cylinder and the 3 star Kinetica are compatible with the handle.
Both cylinders are Secured by Design Approved and BSi Kitemarked; the UAP+ Cylinder rated 1 star and the Kinetica awarded the highest rating 3 stars.

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Colours and Sizes

The handles are available in Mirror Polished, Satin Stainless, PVD Gold, Black/ White to coordinate with any door and door hardware. Its length is 219mm with the distance between the screw and the holes being 155mm.


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Design and Development

We are concerned with supplying the highest quality and most precisely designed products, which is why we are constantly developing and improving them making them easier to fit, easier to operate and more durable.
It was using 3D printing technology and the expertise of our Product Designer that we were able to create a handle which was ergonomic in design and that made fitting hassle free.


To find out more about our Patio Door Handle, click here! 

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